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We adhere to the "diversified development to customer-focused to meet the diverse needs of our customers," a principle of service.。
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SCW/Self closing braided wrap

Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeve

Dual wall adhesive heat shrinkable tube 3:1

Silicone coating fiberglass sleeving

Thin wall 2:1 heat shrinkable tube

Zipper Shielding Wrap

PET high anti-abrasion sleeving

Velcro Shielding Wrap

Self Wrapping Sleeve

Cold cut braided expanable sleeving

Continuous Hook & Loop Cable Tie

Aluminum heat reflect fiberglass sleeving

SCW/Self closing braided wrap

Zipper braided wrap

anti noisy self closing braided warp

Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeve

Skid-proof heat shrinkable tube

Nylon flat filament braided sleeving

Self Wrapping Sleeve

High temperature thermal resistant fiberglass wrap exhaust manifold header

Adjustable Desk Cable Spine

Zipper multifilament wrap

Aluminum Foil Heat Reflect Corrugated Conduit

Zipper braided wrap
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