Braided expandable sleeving
 Polyester expandable sleeving
 High flame-retardant expandable sleeving
 Pattern expandable sleeving
 PPS expandable sleeving
 Nylon expandable sleeving
Cable management sleeve
 SCS/Self closing sleeve
 SCW/Self closing braided wrap
 anti noisy self closing braided warp
 hook and loop braided wrap
 Zipper braided warp
 PVC button wrap
 Branch-out zipper cable wrap
High anti abrasion expandable braided sleeving
 PET high anti abrasion expandable sleeving
 Oval monofilament expandable braided sleeving
Electrical Insulation
Cable wrap
Special expandable sleeving
high temperature sleeving
 250°expandable braided sleeving
 350°expandable braided sleeving
 650°Basalt expandable braided sleeving
 PPS expandable braided sleeving
EMI shielding
 Sheilding expandable braided sleeving
Anti noisy expandable braided sleeving
Heat shrinkable tube
 Normal wall 2:1 heat shrinkable tube
 Thin wall 2:1 heat shrinkable tube
 Dual wall adhesive heat shrinkable tube 3:1
 Dural wall adhesive heat shrinkable tube 4:1
 Silicone heat shrinkable tube
 Teflon heat shrinkable tube
 High voltage heat shrinkable tube
 heat srhinkable fabric sleeve
Silicone fiberglass sleeving
 standard fiberglass sleeving
 Silicone coating fiberglass sleeving
 Inner silicone and outter fiberglass sleeving
 Heat treatment fiberglass sleeving
 Polyurethane fiberglass sleeving
 Fireproof sleeve
Automotive rubber hose protector
Corrugated flexible conduit
Hydraulic hose protection
 Fire sleeve
 Spiral protector
 Polyester textile sleeve
Thermal Protection
 New Product
Name:SCW/Self closing braided wrap
Name:Zipper braided wrap
Do you want to install a sleeving on th...
Name:anti noisy self closing braided warp
JDD-SSCW is weaved by Polyester ...
Name:Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeve
Heat shrinkable braided sleeving consis...
Name:Skid-proof heat shrinkable tube
JDD-MFHG skid-proof heat shrinkab...
Name:Nylon flat filament braided sleeving
JDD-PAF this kind of braided sleev...
Name:Self Wrapping Sleeve
JDD-SCS self-wrapping sleeve is ...
Name:High temperature thermal resistant fiberglass wrap exhaust manifold header
• Material: Vermiculite coated high t...
Name:Adjustable Desk Cable Spine
Cable Spine is an entry level under de...
Name:Zipper multifilament wrap
JDD-PZTW zipper multifilament wra...
Name:Aluminum Foil Heat Reflect Corrugated Conduit
AFW3530 Aluminum foil corrugated con...
Name:Zipper braided wrap
JDD-ZW can install a sleeving on th...

Velcro Shielding Wrap
JDD-SSW Velcro EMI shielding wrap consists of a highly flexible tinned copper shielding mesh using an internal shield overlap, a grounding strap and a heavy duty zipper wrap. It is not only providing excellent EMI shielding, but also could anti-noisy, flame-retardant and anti-abrasion. Most commonly used in railways, automotive where the wire harnesses need EMI shielding and durable protection.
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